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CK110.1PP Bertolini plunger pump

CK110.1PP Bertolini plunger pump

Product parameters

Product structure size diagram

Working principle

It consists of working parts, plunger and inlet and outlet valves. The piston is driven by external force to make reciprocating movement, thus changing the volume and pressure in the working chamber, forming negative pressure in the working chamber, and the liquid in the storage tank enters the working chamber through the inlet valve. When the reciprocating motion of the plunger opens and closes the inlet and outlet valves, the liquid in the working chamber is squeezed and the pressure increases, and is discharged by the discharge valve to achieve the purpose of conveying liquid.

Adaptation scenarios

BERTOLINI piston pumps have a history of 100 years of mechanical engineering, and with its excellent people and cutting-edge technology, it has professionally and calmly responded to the various challenges posed by the continuous development of the market. As the market continues to progress, the company's experience accumulated over the years will not only be able to meet the needs of customers now, but will also look to the future and strive to meet the needs of different customers in the industrial and agricultural sectors.

CK110.1-PP Accessories

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