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Tank cleaning systems in practice
Release time: 2023-05-08 13:09:46
FRP tank is a simple, high-strength, corrosion-resistant non-metallic storage tank. According to the process requirements, the FRP fiber with resin as the matrix surrounds the rotating core mold layer by layer. Moreover, quartz sand is evenly distributed between the fibers as sandwich layer, and the wall structure is reasonable and advanced, which can give full play to the role of the material. According to the requirement of using strength, the steel grade is improved to ensure the stability and reliability of the product.
When repairing, we should first clean and polish the bruised part of the tank, and choose the same material with the same performance as the tank material. According to the pressure of the pipeline, plan the thickness and area of reinforcement required. Then by hand paste method to strengthen the planning requirements, to be reinforced parts gel curing, the tank can be put into use.
In the beer brewing process, in addition to adopting the correct production process, it is also necessary to clean the equipment correctly and timely, and to disinfect and sterilize it regularly. The purpose of cleaning is to remove as much dirt as possible from the inside of the tank, from the pipes and from the surface of the equipment. The residual scale and microorganisms on the inside of the equipment will weaken the effect of the biocide. Because the biocide is only suitable for surface sterilization, the role of internal survival of bacteria is very small, easy to cause secondary pollution. So when cleaning the tank must be removed microbial colonies. Take the fermentation tank as an example, explain the cleaning points, hope it can help you.
After emptying the wine of beer inside the fermentation tank, first rinse it twice with water first; must remember, don't discharge CO₂ first, in this way, there will be no wine smell in the tank. Before filling the tank with lye water, drain the CO₂ again. When filling the fermenter with lye water, open the sampling port and the air outlet! Because there is CO₂ in the fermentation tank, if not opened, the alkali and CO₂ will be neutralized, the tank will be easily pumped into vacuum, and the tank will be easily deformed and dangerous! This means that the fermentation tank is ruined. Fermentation jar with lye water soaking, lye water no matter hot or cold, the liquid level must cover the position of the bubble lid. There is no limit to the time to soak the fermenter in lye water, if it is to be used at that time, then the cycle of cleaning can be, without soaking. As long as the concentration of alkaline water is enough, without soaking, without hot water, as well as clean. By the next time you make wine, use the pump to circulate the alkaline water for cleaning, and then wash with water 3-4 times, 60-80 seconds each time. When cleaning, the sampling port must be opened. After cleaning, close the sampling port again, and when you take down the water pipe, you must disinfect the sampling port and the link pipe port with alcohol spray.

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