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High-pressure cleaners in special areas of application promotion
Release time: 2023-05-08 13:13:29
For the application of high-pressure cleaner, I believe that many users believe that it is used in car washes, municipal sanitation, hotels, cleaning companies and other places for some common dirt and residue cleaning equipment, and about the application of high-pressure cleaner in some special areas of knowledge is very little. In fact, because high-pressure cleaner has some unique characteristics, in some special areas have been effectively promoted and applied, including the following areas.

1, the cleaning of nuclear power plants: nuclear power plant cleaning, is an important part of the safe operation of nuclear power plants, water jet cleaning nuclear power plants is significantly better than chemical, mechanical and other cleaning methods, is currently the most ideal cleaning method. With the decommissioning of domestic reactors with the project continues to deepen, better application of the technology, and constantly improve the quality of engineering decontamination, will become a new subject of high-pressure cleaning machine decontamination technology.

2, the rocket solid propellant removal: because the propellant has a high impact and friction sense, flammable and explosive, it is difficult to use mechanical hair cutting way to remove, manual methods are not only difficult, low efficiency, and has a very high risk. The use of high-pressure cleaning machine into the cleaning can make the problem can be completely solved. 1999 a plant using water jet cleaning machine to safely clean rockets more than 1000 rounds.

3, nuclear chemical conditions of decontamination: in the decontamination of personnel, weapons, technical equipment suffering from nuclear, biological and chemical contamination can also be cleaned using high-pressure cleaning machine.

4, the ocean desert cleanup: the traditional drag chain method is only suitable for offshore, in other waters can be used cavitation jet cleaning method, but from the current development, especially in the country, there are still some urgent problems to be solved. Specific table for the following aspects.

4.1, the awareness of high-pressure cleaner jet cleaning technology to and mastery of the need to further deepen. This is manifested on the one hand, the lack of corporate awareness of high-pressure cleaning machine, but also the existence of high-pressure cleaning machine research deepened enough, many technical issues remain on the surface of the superficial level of understanding, to promote the application of a certain degree of difficulty.

4.2, high-pressure cleaner technology application of specialization, scale and socialization needs to be improved, in order to obtain the cleaning operation of high efficiency, safety, low consumption and the orderly market, cleaning equipment sets, standardization level and demand and development of a large gap.
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