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How to optimize the structure of high-pressure cleaning machine plunger pump discharge valve spool
Release time: 2023-05-08 13:38:19
Among the many structural components of the high-pressure cleaner, the piston pump is the pressure generating device of the high-pressure cleaner, and the discharge spool is a core component of the AR piston pump. Since the discharge spool has a direct connection with the operation of the plunger pump, therefore, Wan Guan Hardware electromechanical network is of the opinion that the stress analysis of the discharge spool should be carried out to find out the stress distribution and dangerous parts of the discharge spool, so as to optimize the design of the discharge spool according to the analysis results, reduce the maximum stress and improve the reliability and service life of the high-pressure cleaner. The following Vanguard Hardware and Electrical Network will introduce you how to optimize the structure of the discharge spool of the high-pressure cleaner plunger pump.

Structural optimization of the discharge spool of the high-pressure cleaner plunger pump:
The displacement of the displacement spool belongs to the small deformation range, which meets the requirements of the design and is not considered here. But the maximum stress of the drain spool is greater than the yield strength, which is very dangerous and easy to cause adverse consequences in production, so the drain spool should be structurally optimized design. To avoid failure and improve the operational reliability of the spool.

By analyzing the depth value of the Φ2.5mm hole of the drain spool in the above figure and the angle of 115°, we choose to change the depth of the hole from 5mm to 6.2mm and the angle of 115° to 120°, and through optimization, the optimized stress cloud and displacement cloud of the drain spool are derived.

Through optimization, the maximum stress decreases from 558.7MPa to 475MPa, and the maximum displacement is 0.027mm, which is a small displacement and meets the working conditions.

As a key component of AR piston pump of high pressure cleaner, the reliability of the design of the drain valve spool is very important. We analyze the discharge spool through professional software to obtain the change of stress and displacement of the discharge spool, and conclude that the maximum stress of the discharge spool is greater than the yield strength, and optimize it without changing the overall assembly of AR piston pump, and the maximum stress and maximum displacement of the discharge spool after optimization meet the requirements of the design, thus solving the problem that the V-shaped part of the discharge spool of this model of high-pressure cleaner piston pump The problem of frequent fracture.
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