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Troubleshooting and use of high-pressure hot and cold water cleaning machine matters
Release time: 2023-05-08 13:40:06
he high-pressure hot and cold water cleaner is a machine that generates high-pressure water from a high-pressure plunger pump to wash the exterior of an object through a power unit. It can strip the dust and dirt, flush away, and reach the intention of cleaning the exterior of the object. Because the use of high-pressure water column to sort out the dust and dirt, so high-pressure cleaning is also internationally recognized as one of the scientific, economic and environmentally friendly cleaning methods. However, the hot water cleaning machine quotation is high and high operating costs (due to the use of diesel fuel), still many professional customers will choose the hot water cleaning machine.
High-pressure hot and cold water cleaning machine troubleshooting: cleaning machine in the process of use, inevitably present problems. Present problems, according to the different fault phenomenon, carefully find the factors.
  1) nozzle does not spray water.
  a) water inlet, water intake filter blockage. b) Nozzle blockage. c) blockage of heating spiral tube, if necessary to clear the scale.
  2) The water pressure is unstable.
  a) lack of water supply. b) pipeline rupture, cleaning agent nozzle is not inserted into the cleaning agent and other factors to form air inlet pipeline. c) Nozzle wear. d) high pressure water pump seal leakage.
  3) The incinerator does not burn burn.
  a) Lack of inlet air volume, white smoke. b) Fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel nozzle nasty blockage. d) Damaged solenoid valve. e) Burning electrode position change, the spark is too weak. f) Damage to high pressure combustion coil. g) Pressure switch damage.
  High-pressure hot and cold water cleaning machine presents the above problems, the user can find their own factors to remove the problem. But the cleaner if the pump body leakage, crankcase oil leakage and other more serious problems, the cleaner should be sent to the accessories complete, strong technical force of professional repair department to avoid the formation of unnecessary economic losses.
  High-pressure hot and cold water cleaning machine using water as the working medium. Usually, the power pump through the process of pumping and discharging water will be ordinary water into high pressure and low flow water, and then it will be delivered to the high pressure pipe in order to make it reach a certain energy to reach high water level. Pressure nozzles. The aperture diameter of the high-pressure nozzle is much smaller than the diameter of the high-pressure line, so the water must be accelerated through the nozzle to reach the high-pressure nozzle.
  With the development of high-pressure hot and cold water cleaning machine, high-pressure hot and cold water cleaning machine is more and more widely used. In modern urban construction, dredging sewer lines has been a big problem because residents in sewers often dump sewage and other miscellaneous problems, such as cement mortar from construction sites and infrastructure sites that cause sedimentation and siltation of these debris. If there is too much siltation, it will lead to clogging of the pipes. If it cannot be cleared and unblocked in time, it will cause sewage to overflow, pollute the environment, cause economic loss and bring trouble to the residents' life.
  At present, high-pressure hot and cold water cleaning machine is the new cleaning equipment for growth. It uses water to form high pressure through high pressure water generation device. It forms high pressure water jets through nozzles and uses the powerful force of water to achieve the effect of cleaning, cutting and breaking items. In terms of global cleaning technology, new cleaning methods, techniques and equipment are emerging. Physical cleaning accounts for a growing share of the cleaning market.
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