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Reactor cleaning high-pressure cleaning workflow
Release time: 2023-05-08 13:11:00
The specific cleaning process of automatic enamel reactor cleaning equipment is that the three-dimensional rotary nozzle telescopic mechanism is installed on the reactor inlet hole, and the telescopic rod is extended into the reactor. The telescopic mechanism can be controlled by electric, hydraulic, manual, etc., so that the telescopic rod can be telescoped in the reactor and moved in the direction around the inner wall of the reactor, and the telescopic rod can avoid the obstacles in the reactor during the movement.
 The three-dimensional rotating nozzle tank washer comes with 2 nozzles. High-pressure water jets are ejected from the two rotating nozzles, and when the cleaning nozzle rotates horizontally, the rotating torque formed by the two water jets drives the two nozzles to rotate in the vertical plane. Due to the compound movement of the three-dimensional rotating nozzle and the telescopic rod, the high-pressure water jet can cover any position in the reactor and finally complete the cleaning of the reactor.

Due to the compound movement of the three-dimensional rotating nozzle and telescopic rod, the rotating high-pressure water jet nozzle can cover any position in the reactor, and finally complete the cleaning of the reactor.

Industrial chemical reactor water jet equipment cleaning advantages.
1, choose the appropriate pressure level, high-pressure water jet cleaning will not damage the substrate of the equipment being cleaned, cleaning speed than the traditional method several times or even dozens of times;
2, can be cleaned in the harsh environment, personnel do not need to enter the reactor, effectively avoiding the harm of chemicals in the tank to the human body;
3, high-pressure water jet cleaning is the use of ordinary water at high speeds, so do not pollute the environment, do not corrode the equipment, will not cause any mechanical damage, but also remove the chemical cleaning insoluble or soluble special scale;
4, does not require workers to enter the stainless steel reactor automatic tank cleaning, saving manpower and material resources, easy to achieve mechanization, automation, high efficiency, cleaning speed than traditional methods several times faster or even dozens of times.
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